Benefits of buying torque wrench pump

The article will give you all the details regarding the torque wrench pump. Here you will see the torque wrench pumps, characteristics, and type of the product available. Well, all the wrench pumps are the best to give you rate results. 

What is a torque wrench pump?

The torque wrench pump is a pump that is a combination of the many hydraulic torques. These wrench pumps are the pumps that stay up to date and will give the best accurate results. All the torque wrench pumps are the safest pumps with the dual scale. The oil keeper of the pump remains the good capacity of oil in it. Even in unclaimed situations or environments, keep the oil at a good pace.

Get all the pumps for the best use of your workings at a reasonable price. All the products are made of the best quality and come with long-lasting durability.

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Characteristics of torque wrench pumps:

All the pumps have their characteristics. Let’s discuss all the features of the pumps one by one:

  1. The pumps are a good source of electricity and air. The pump will work the best when talking about the torque wrench pumps.
  2. The torque wrench pump is more durable and long-lasting than other wrenches.
  3. All the torque wrench pumps are designed with a styled frame and good, well frame.
  4. All the products are maintained and assembled in a good manner.
  5. The user can easily start the product with a simple button. And same as it gets stopped with the simple control.

Types of torque wrench pumps

Here, you will get different tools with torque wrench pumps. You will get many kinds of torque pumps here. And all these pumps will help you to efficiently do your work. We are maintaining premium quality products. Below are some different types of torque wrench pumps:

  1. Large flow torque wrench pumps, RHP-series:

The torque wrench pumps are efficient compared to the other present pumps here. These pumps will provide you with a higher speed, I.e., 50%. 

The torque pumps are designed so that they will automatically give the best results. The price of the pumps is not so high. You can afford the torque pumps for working in all specific areas.

Along with a reasonable price, the pumps are lightweight. And it also enhances the reliability of the heatsink with the presence of the external sink. And the fan is also installed in the torque pumps, which will help maintain the system cool.

  1. Electric torque Wrench pumps, PEA4-9-220:

The PEA4-9-220 is a type of torque wrench pump. The torque pump is an electric pump that can perform all the work smoothly. And it has a good voltage, I.e., 220. The frequency of the PEA4-9-220 pump is 50 HZ. 

The hydraulic torque wrench pumps have a good oil capacity, I.e., 6L and 1.3 KW power. And the working pressure of the pumps lies within 700 bar and 10000 psi. The net weight of the electric hydraulic torque wrench power pack is 30kg.

  1. Hydraulic Wrench Pump, JEA2-9 Gas Engine Driven:

The JEA 2-9 consist of an engine wrench that offers a tank with an oil capacity of a minimum of 33L. Along with the gas engine, it also consists of pressure, I.e., 700 bar. Maximum, the flow rate of high pressure is 1.1 L. And it can tolerate the weight of up to the weighs 45 kb with the size 620,415, 420.

When we talk regarding the flow rate, the low-pressure flow rate is 2-9, which becomes 10L per minute. Get the JEA2-9 stock, and you will get the delivery of the hydraulic torque wrench power pack within 7-8 days.

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  1. Electric Hydraulic Wrench pumps, RLP series: 

The RLP is another typE of Hydraulic torque wrench power pack. This electric pump is 220 volts. And it comes with a frequency of 50 HZ. The power capacity of the pump is 1.3 KW. And the pump has an oil capacity of 6 L.

These working pressures of the torque wrench power pack vary between 700 bar and 10000 psi. The pump has a net weight of 30kg. Get the hydraulic tool from the hydraulic torque wrench power pack at the best price. And you will get the tool within a minimum of days.


You can conclude that you can use any given pump for the best use from the above. Each pump has its best usage. All the pumps can work differently from each other in weight. You can get any product from a hydraulic torque wrench power pack. We will ensure that we will give you the product within a minimum of days. All the modes of transportation are available. 

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