Benefits Of A Hot Tub On A Summer Holiday Among Scottish Lodges

Once summer comes along, everybody is ready for a holiday, a tranquil, relaxing break away from the stresses of the day-to-day. Some people travel across the country, go abroad or check out the lovely Scottish countryside. The quaint cottages and lodges make the experience that much more charming.

In an effort to add a touch of luxury, many of the best Scottish cottages are situating a hot tub among their amenities. The aim is to make the retreat a sort of peaceful oasis, a cozy spot to sit back and simply enjoy being in the moment. 

That can be an early morning dip to get yourself rejuvenated for the day. Or perhaps a bedtime ritual to soothe the body after a day of sightseeing throughout the towns and villages. Consider some benefits of enjoying a lodge that offers a hot tub. Let’s learn some of these.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hot Tub While Staying In A Scottish Lodge On A Summer Holiday

Not many people have the luxury of a hot tub at home, but when traveling on holiday in Scotland, this is one of the many amenities that await you in their charming cottages. 

While the beautiful countryside and the serenity of the lodges offer their own level of relaxation, a hot tub has its own benefits you can take advantage of with your stay. Let’s consider what you can gain from soaking in a hot tub.

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  • The health benefits are plentiful

A soak in a sauna is not only a source of luxurious contentment while on holiday, but it can also provide some health benefits that scientists back, including a decrease in blood pressure that allows for better rest and is advantageous for overall cardiovascular health. 

Plus, the soothing warm water is excellent for decreasing symptoms associated with sore muscles and joints, especially beneficial for individuals suffering from bouts of arthritis. No one wants that to interfere with their time away.

When you relax and are able to rest better, you can participate in more activities while traveling around the Scottish countryside instead of being stuck in the lodge with a heating pad. Go to to learn the advantages of hot tub holidays.

  • Socialization is an added benefit

When you have a hot tub in your cottage, you can invite people you meet on your daily excursions to come back to your lodge to have conversation and enjoy learning more about them and the local area. 

The awesome thing about a sauna is these are not restricted to summertime use. That means if you want to come back another time and bring a few friends, maybe during the winter season, you can enjoy spiced cider, a good soak, and a night of laughter.

  • A room with a view is always on the itinerary

When staying in a Scottish cottage with a hot tub, you always have the best view with the capacity to see the sun as it rises and sets and the stars shining at night at your leisure. Plus, you can sit and look out over the countryside with the potential to see wildlife as it roams.

That isn’t easy to do in a commercial hotel. Depending on where you end up in the building, you sort of get the luck of the draw. But it’s usually unlikely that you’ll see sunrise and sunset, let alone a night sky with the moon and loads of stars. Go here for lodges with hot tubs in Scotland.

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Final Thought

You can let go of your day-to-day pressures as summer rapidly approaches with a hot-tub holiday to the tranquil Scottish lodges. Many of the best cottages are adding saunas as part of their amenities to allow guests an extra layer of relaxation and luxury when traveling to their stunning countryside.

The soothing water is not only capable of relieving stress and taking away your cares, but it’s beneficial for overall wellness. That means you’re working on your health and well-being while you’re having a good time. 

And there’s no need to ask for a room with a view since you have the best seat in the house, privy to the sun rising and setting and the entire night sky. What better way to enjoy a summer holiday?