A Quick Guide: How to Convert Your File From PDF to Excel Easily


Excel is a software that is a convenient tool for managing and computing data. It includes many functions, formulas, and shortcuts that help us manage an ample amount of work. Many organizations have already benefited from this software. It runs its entire budgeting, forecasting, forecasting, and accounting functions entirely out of Excel spreadsheets. It is as powerful as an analyst would need it to be to manage the workload.

When you are asked to transfer data from PDF to Excel, there are several ways on how you will be able to import your file. Retyping the data from PDF to Excel by hand might be tedious work although it might be doable when you need to extract a small data set. However, if you’re up against a 100+ page PDF full of tables, the process will be time-consuming and will take much of your effort. In this article, we will show you ways how you can convert your file from PDF to Excel.

  • Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Acrobat is more than just about exporting files. Using this tool, you can create, edit, export, sign, and be able to work on your data with a collaboration. In Adobe Acrobat, you can choose your formats such as Excel Workbook or .xlxs, then export. This can also work on your phone without the hassle.

Once you are done exporting, you can now edit the spreadsheet tables using your device. You can select the data you wish to convert without needing to convert the whole table from .pdf to .xlxs. Also, this is supposed to apply to scanned OCR data.

No wonder that this tool can help you in editing your PDF file because Adobe is an original developer of the PDF format, so their Adobe Acrobat software should be the market-leading software.

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  • Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro Productivity Suite is also a top-tier and streamlined application that allows you to turn PDF files into Excel documents with less hassle. Indeed, Nitro claims that it allows converting PDFs into any Microsoft Office format within a lesser time.

Just like Adobe, you will be offered the features of adding digital signatures on PDF documents. With the use of this software, you can edit all images, text, and pages stored in a PDF document and have them transferred into an Excel spreadsheet.

It also offers you cloud-based access so it won’t be a problem of having multiple gadgets where you can edit. So your documents can be edited on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC.

  • PDFZilla

If your document needs a global reach, PDFZilla is the software for it. Most of the PDF to Excel conversion apps out there are only available in English which is not compatible with a company with a global reach. This application supports more than 20 different languages including German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Your PDF documents can be turned into Excel, Word, Plain Text, Rich Text, JPG, GIF, PNG, and more file formats with just using one platform. A thousand files can be set in a batch conversion mode for dealing with multiple documents at the same time.

  • PDFelement

PDFelement has been designed mainly for professional users who need a tool for editing, converting, creating, and annotating PDF documents since it gives off a high-quality document after the conversion.

PDFelement comes with a built-in optical character recognition (OCR) tool, which means you can annotate and add signatures to PDF documents. This will help to make the content of your PDF file be contact and not revised even after the conversion. This will lessen the time for you to revise afterward.

  • SmallPDF

SmallPDF is another versatile tool for PDF management. You will be able to convert PDF documents into a range of different file types, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

By using a Small PDF, you won’t need to worry about the security matter of your file. Because this tool will delete your files an hour after they’ve been processed, so you don’t have to worry about any important business data potentially ending up in the hands of third parties.

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PDF files can be more than just text and images. The data in the file can be embedded into tables and spreadsheets. This is where PDF converters come into action, and PDF to Excel converters will be a necessity for business and research institutions who need to use, share, and process a lot of spreadsheet information securely.

Conversion tool for your PDF file to Excel can be very useful for a task wherein you will be needing to do some computations and organize the data. In this article, different ways to convert your PDF file to Excel have been shown. If this article has helped you, make sure to share this with your colleagues!