A Few Items that Are Worth Collecting

As the world becomes increasingly digital, people have begun longing for tangible things. They have become enthralled with items that used to be commonplace. Our music, our movies, even our books are digital these days. Whether you are into technology or not, there is probably a part of you that wants to have media, art, and other tangibles around again. This is why collecting has come back in a big way. Below are some items worth collecting to connect with yourself and the world of both the past and today.

Vinyl Records

One of the most popular collectibles today may or not surprise you. If you aren’t obsessed with music and the way it sounds, you might not see why people would buy 12” vinyl records, but it doesn’t take long to figure out why. Vinyl is an analog play to music and the quality of the sound can be much higher if you know what you are doing.

Mp3s are compressed, which degrades the quality of the overall production and sound of the music. They are extremely accessible. WAV files are uncompressed, but they are still digital. Most believe there is a lot more warmth in the sound of analog vinyl, but you need a good turntable, cables, speakers, and, if you’re serious, vacuum tubes to power the amplifier.

Vinyl records are also just a great medium for collectors. They are uniform, have great large artwork, and provide a way to catalog the music you love the most. For music lovers and audiophiles, vinyl records are one of the best things to collect. It’s no surprise that, in a world where music is almost entirely digital, people long for that warm sound.

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With the ability to read a book on just about any device, hard copy books are purchased less and less. However, it’s difficult for a lot of people to feel like they are reading a book without feeling the paper. You can go as far the other way you want when it comes to collecting books. Some antique and out-of-print books are extremely expensive.

When you are collecting books, you probably want them for different reasons. Few collected books are read because they are typically fragile. But if expensive books aren’t your thing, you can collect copies you want to read. It can feel cool to read a special edition book or an old copy of a favorite ready. Book collectors can be super serious, or not.


Comic books have nearly always been collector’s items. The artwork is great to admire in person, they’re a quick read, and provide limitless entertainment. One of the biggest reasons that comic books are collected is that they are released on a schedule. The time and place always have to do with the worth of the comic, but so does how the times have evolved. 

Furthermore, the popularity of Marvel and DC movies has popularized comics in a global way that transcends previous success. Still, comic books and comic collecting is a niche interest. It can also be expensive, but lucrative, if you get into deep trouble. Comic books will always be popular to collect.

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Magazines, like comics and vinyl records, are a medium of the past. These days, the only magazines that are made are collectors’ items, but old covers are increasingly rare and provide a view into the world as it was. Magazine collectors are interested in the oddities. Rare magazines are becoming even rarer. The sky’s the limit for collector magazines. They are even more valuable when they’re signed.

Notice, there is a theme here. People still have an affinity for physical media. They want to read real books, listen to records, and collect beautiful art in magazines and comic books. While the digital world has transcended the previous forms of media, they have now become antiques and collector’s items. Whatever you are fascinated in, there is a way to collect it.

The world will continue to change, but it’s unlikely that the affection we have for physical items that represent art and other crafts will go away. It isn’t necessarily nostalgia, but more of a sentimentality. A type of romanticism that is inherently human. So, what will you collect?