A Comprehensive Guide To Luvme Hair 8 Inch Wigs: Styles, Suitability, And Where To Find The Best

8-inch wigs fall into the category of short wigs, and they are fashionable and versatile. As the name suggests, it measures 8 inches from the crown to the tips above the shoulder. These wigs offer short and chic hairstyles, so it is the best choice for those who love short hairstyles.

If you want to know more about 8 inch wigs, you are in the right place. This guide will explore important things about 8-inch wigs, highlighting different styles and how to select the best wig.

Table of Content

  • What are 8 Inch Wigs?
  • Examples of 8 Inch Wigs
  • Who Can Wear Luvme Hair 8 Inch Wigs
  • How to Choose a Suitable Hair Length
  • Where to Buy High-Quality 8 Inch Wigs
  • Conclusion

What are 8 Inch Wigs?

These wig types measure 8 inches, for anyone who wants a wig option that permits maximum airflow. Many wigs fall into this length, and we will discuss them later in this guide. Few of them are asymmetrical cuts, short curls, straight bobs, and short beach waves. For straight hair, 8 inches extend beyond your chin.

Examples of 8 Inch Wigs

Bob Wigs

This will make you look timeless and classic; it is a popular choice and can be styled in different ways. A few of these styles are curly, wavy, and straight, allowing you to customize your appearance.

Pixie Cut Wigs

This is suitable for those who want something fashionable but with low maintenance. Pixie cut wigs within this length help you look bold and edgy.

Layered Wigs

In general, layering helps add more texture and volume to your hair. This is exactly what an 8-inch layered wig will help you achieve. It offers a face-framing feature to help you look youthful, carefree, and tousled.

Curly Wigs

These can be tight, loose, or spiral coils. Irrespective of your choice, 8-inch curly wigs will help achieve a playful and voluminous appearance.

Blunt Cut Wigs

Blunt cut wigs offer a clean and polished look with its even and straight length. In addition, it helps you look sophisticated while offering low maintenance.

Straight Wigs

 Similar to straight wigs, the 8-inch version will help you look elegant and classic. You can wear it in different styles, smooth, sleek, or with a touch of wave.

Wavy Wigs

There are wavy wigs that also fall into the category of 8-inch wigs, and they offer a beachy vibe. This wig has natural movement because of its wavy nature, ensuring you look relaxed.

Who Can Wear 8-Inch Wigs?

All Women

In general, 8-inch wigs are suitable for women, irrespective of age. The hairstyle is classic and timeless, making it suitable for every stage of your life as a woman.

Any Hair Types

Your hair type is never a limitation; the 8-inch wig is available in different textures, curly, wavy, or straight. So you can change your hairstyle irrespective of who you are.

People Living with Hair Loss

These wigs are also suitable for people experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. They are an excellent option because they add more volume to your hair and offer natural movement.

Fashion Enthusiasts

If you are a fashion enthusiast and love exploring different types of looks, this wig is for you. You can switch up your look effortlessly while experimenting with different looks.

Busy Individuals

8-inch wigs require little styling and maintenance. Therefore, they are suitable for people who don’t have much time to spare. Despite having a busy schedule, this wig will help you remain fashionable.

People Undergoing Medical Treatments

People undergoing medical treatment like cancer can use these wigs as an alternative while recovering from hair loss.

How to Choose a Suitable Hair Length

  • Desired Outcome: Your choice begins with what you want to achieve with your hair. How do you want it to look like? You can opt for a shorter length if you want a chic hairstyle. However, if you want a glamorous look, you can choose a longer length.
  • Hair texture: The texture of the wig matters when making a choice. Remember that curly and wavy hair shrinks, so if you are considering a curly wig, ensure it extends more than your preferred length.
  • Wig Density: If you want fuller hair, choose a higher density. The entire length will be full; therefore a suitable option for lower-density wigs.
  • Face shape: This should be the first thing on your list. Your face shape matters and determine a lot of things. It determines whether the wig will look natural on you. But, you can try any wig length if your face is oval. If your face is round, you opt for a longer length. On the other hand, if you have a rectangular face shape, a short-layered style is perfect for you.

Where to Buy High-Quality 8-Inch Wigs

The source of your wig is as important as any other consideration before buying an 8-inch wig. This explains why you need to research before settling for a wig brand. Read reviews about the company. Ask questions from people who have bought wigs from such brands. To save you the hassle of getting the right wig source, you can buy from brands like Luvme Hair.


8-inch wigs are a kind of short-length wigs, and you would love them if you prefer short wigs. They are suitable for everyone, irrespective of their knowledge of wigs, and for people who don’t want to commit much to maintenance. This guide offers essential things you need to know about these wig types, the types, and how to choose the best.