7 Things That Makes A Luxury Watch

More than just a fashion piece, a watch is a necessity for all types of occasions. That is why there have been a lot of old and new brands of timepieces in the world. Aside from the fact that it helps you tell the time, watches are also equipped with great features that will help you track more specific activities such as speed and depth of water.

However, not all watches are the same. Most of the regular watches you buy at stores may function and look the same as the rest, but some are crafted with the best techniques in watchmaking using premium materials. These are called luxury watches. They cost significantly higher compared to other watches but they are way more precious than the regular ones. Here are some of the characteristics of a luxury timepiece.

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  • A reputable brand

Most luxury watches are manufactured by well-known, reputable brands. Some of the most popular are Rolex, Bvlgari, Hublot, Patek Philippe, and more. These manufacturers have established their prowess in the field and have created hundreds of models under their house. Each has a unique collection of different models for both and women. The key is to know more about the different brands because each of them has different characteristics and personalities. These traits transpire to their collections and designs.

  • Years of experience

Most of the luxury watch manufacturers have been in the business for years if not centuries. Because of this, they have proven to have exemplary skills in terms of producing some of the best watches in the world. They produce timepieces that go beyond their time in terms of advancement in technology and quality of work. One of the best things about these manufacturers is that they tend to combine traditional and modern techniques to produce a more reliable watch.

  • High-quality materials

One of the many reasons why luxury watches are expensive is because of their materials. Unlike regular watches that are only made with stainless steel and other metals, these timepieces are built with the finest metals. Some brands use gold, platinum, or even ceramic for the case and bracelets of these watches. Some also use high-end leather for the strap to achieve the overall aesthetic appeal. But what sets luxury watches apart from the rest is the use of precious stones and gems such as diamonds, sapphires, and more.

  • Intricate craftsmanship

Aside from their physical attributes, luxury watches are also made with intricate craftsmanship. While newer brands started to use machines to manufacture their watches, some old-school brands still sell handcrafted watches. Most of these handmade timepieces are from Switzerland, which is basically the home of the watchmaking industry. Every luxury watch is crafted with the most complicated yet admirable design and movements.

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  • Reliable mechanism

If you are not an avid watch collector, you’ll only probably know about battery-powered watches. The watch’s mechanism or movement is another factor that makes luxury timepieces stand out. All the manufacturers use different types of movements for some of their models. However, some brands stick to a single type of mechanism for their entire collection. There are only 3 major movements that these brands use: Quartz, mechanical, and automatic. You need to learn more about these movements in order to maintain them properly. Failure to properly wind a mechanical watch can impact its performance.

  • Unique designs

Though some luxury watch brands keep their classic look like Rolex, they still include minor and minimal details that will set each model apart from the other. Some use additional features such as chronographs and subdials while some embrace a more eclectic design on the dial. Furthermore, there are luxury watch brands that think outside of the box and create rectangular, oval, and even octagonal-shaped dials. Not only will this truly stand out but it’s a whole new way to showcase a luxury timepiece.

  • Investment potential

One of the best things about a luxury watch is that it increases its value through time. Most watch aficionados are aware that these timepieces fare well in the market. More than that, you can earn twice what you spend on buying it. For instance, if you have a luxury watch that you bought today, it can be more valuable in the next ten years, especially if you have a limited edition model. If you are into investing in watches, you can start by researching some of the brands that are doing well in the watch reselling scene. If not, it can also be a piece of a family heirloom to pass on to your next generations.

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