5 Simple Facts About Owning A Pet Cat

We don’t need the help of science and years and years of different studies made to conclude that our cuddly cute indoor cats are descendants of the bigger and wilder cousins mostly found in jungles and deserts. In fact, we can see their wild side whenever we witness them slowly and easily destroy all our furniture and drapes. Have you ever had a moment where you’d find them climbing up to high places in order to glare down on you while you work? It’s cool and cute, but there can be times they’d be sitting and lounging on top of things that they shouldn’t be. TV sets, computer keyboards, the fluorescent bulb casing for your fish aquarium, the list goes on. 

That is, unless, of course, if you have cat shelves set up.

Cats, regardless of breed, require ample space in order to climb, scratch, and basically leap all over the place. And with the help of cat shelves, there can be a chance for them to do all these physical activities without them destroying your actual furniture and properties.

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  • This gives cats their own personal space

Cats in general aren’t as sociable as their dog counterparts. In fact, they would usually leave you alone whenever they want to. These cat shelves will most of the time be installed high on walls, far away from anything else, even their owners. This is an important aspect, especially if there are other pets present at your home. They would most likely spend more time far away from any of them. 

  • These can be part of the overall set of furniture you have

You might think that installing these cat shelves all over the walls of your home might become some sort of eyesore. The good news is that there are sets of cat shelves today that are made to look nice. Sets of modern cat shelves are made to not just be safe for cats and serve their purpose but are all also made to incorporate into any sort of existing decor. That way, they can all still be visually appealing.

  • These are basically going to make them do physical activity without destroying your furniture

Because of the fact that these things will basically be mounted high up on walls, these will help make your cats put in the effort of climbing up and leaping towards the shelves they want to settle in. Exercise isn’t just the focus of this point here. The more they get to leap all-around and climb up on structures, the more fun they have. Cats actually enjoy all these physical activities and this will help burn out all their pent-up energy, especially if they’re always staying at home.

Cats sleep almost all day. So being able to play all they want is an amazing treat indeed.

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  • What you should know before shopping for cat shelves

Whenever you try to look for cat shelves to have at your home, always look at details like length and sturdiness. Measurements will help with how and where you could install these things. And for sturdiness, to know which one to take in case you have a cat that is a bit bulky. But more than that, there can be times that even medium weighing cats will be strong enough to destroy inferior quality cat shelves just from all the leaping and climbing they do. Make sure that what you will get will be worth your money as well.

Another thing to look out for is how easily they can be cleaned. Even though they would be out of the way, these shelves will over time accumulate cat fur and other sorts of debris the cat might bring up.

  • Plan the placement of these shelves

The actual placement of these things will also be an important factor for your cats. For example, placing them too high or too far apart when you still have a kitten will basically render these shelves a bit useless for a very long time. Until of course, the kitten grows up later on. Keep the size (and age) of your cat in mind whenever you plan the installation of these cat shelves. This will help you plan out the correct measurement of height and length or distance of each shelf. There should always be over one way for a cat to leap or climb down from the shelves safely. Lastly, don’t set it up too high. Because if it’s way up on a wall and you need to get your cat for medication or for any other emergency reason, you won’t be able to easily retrieve your cat.


In the end, cat shelves will have more benefits for both you and your cat, and that alone is already enough reason to get a set. We hope this article helps you out with caring for your pet cat. Surely, your pet will enjoy and live a long and full life when you give them all their need.