5 New TV Shows Coming in 2021

by Aishwarya Gaikwad
5 New TV Shows Coming in 2021

In 2020, American households were watching up to 66 hours of TV every week! Though the COVID-19 pandemic halted production on many TV shows, studios are back in action and putting out more content than ever. 

2021 is going to be a landmark year in television. Both traditional cable channels and streaming services are producing top-of-the-line shows! No matter your viewing habits, there’s something you’ll love coming on this year. 

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the 2021 premieres we are most excited about. Some of these shows are already airing, so get excited! 

The Best TV Shows Airing in 2021

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To stay in the loop, here are five tv shows everyone will be watching this year.

1. Sweet Tooth (Netflix)

Based on a comic by the same name, Sweet Tooth tells the story of a post-pandemic world in which half-human half-animal hybrids exist. The sci-fi retelling of the comic is equal parts adorable and thrilling.  

2. Tuca and Bertie (Adult Swim)

Tuca and Bertie achieved cult-favorite when Netflix canceled the show after just one season. Adult Swim quickly picked it up for season two, which just premiered! The show follows animated birds Tuca and Bertie as they work through their pasts and find themselves in the big city. 

Helmed by Bojack Horseman co-creator Lisa Hanawalt, Tuca and Bertie is clever, fun, and femme. Recommended for fans of Broad City, Bojack Horseman, or Rick and Morty.

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3. Loki (Disney+)

Loki is a fan-favorite within the MCU and deserved his own high-budget production. Loki follows Tom Hiddleston as the title character, working with Owen Wilson’s affable Mobius T. Mobius to clean up every timeline variance Loki has created. 

The show is charming and high-concept. If WandaVision was Marvel’s take on the classic sitcom, this is Marvel taking on Doctor Who. 

4. iCarly (Paramount+)

Who’s ready for spaghetti tacos and random dancing? This heartfelt revival of a Nickelodeon classic delivers all the right beats for a grown-up audience. Equal parts clever and outrageous, this reboot is one of the best. 

5. Kevin Can F*** Himself (AMC)

You ever see a beautiful sitcom wife and wonder how she doesn’t kill her bumbling husband? What this show presupposes is: maybe she does. Kevin Can F*** Himself stars Annie Murphy from Schitt’s Creek as a beautiful wife who’s ready to kill her husband. 

From the network that brought you Breaking Bad, this show is guaranteed to be a thrill. 

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Stay Tuned for Even More

We hope you’re as pumped for these tv shows as we are. Directors, actors, and other industry professionals have worked hard to bring top-notch content to your screen. Tune in to see what they’ve made. 

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