5 Famous Treks in the North East for the Adventure Enthusiasts

North east India is a brilliant example of pure love and respect to nature. The way the citizens of the North east take care of their environment is admirable and inspiring. By staying away from a lot of Multinational Corporations, the North east has preserved its wonderful scenic lands and wildlife, while still staying modern. You can feel the respect for nature in the air of the eight glorious states of the North East. With luscious and vibrant flora covering multiple mountains and valleys in every part of the region, the North east offers a number of amazing treks for all the trek fanatics. 

So, get your gear ready and pack that suitcase because you are going to have the time of your life. North east tour packages help sort out a lot of details for you so you can plan your trip stress free. Witness nature at its best by trekking at any of the famous treks of the North east and be a part of something that makes your soul happy. Heal your mind from the troubles of your busy life and pick the perfect trek for you, from our list of five famous treks in the North east.

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  1. Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

Starting with the most adventurous, the 65.7 km long high altitude trail takes you closer to Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Goecha La also offers a panoramic view to other Himalayan peaks. And if you go in April, you would not only get to play with the light snowfall that does not bother your trek but also witness many rare and exotic flowers bloom that will make your trip brighter and more colorful. Passing through a bright lake and a diverse forest, the Goecha La trekking trail is full of adventure and fun and perfect for your next trip. 

  1. Yambong Trek, Sikkim

Another trek famous for its breathtaking views of the icy mount Everest ranges and Kanchenjunga is the Yambong trek in Singalila. Crossing through the ranges of Singalila, you will discover multiple hidden gems on the Yambong Singalila trail. Explore the unknown sections of the Singalila ranges and discover little drops of heaven on this wildly beautiful place. The grand Rimbi river, dense slopes and crisp lakes, will all greet you on this adventurous trail. The staggering views of the mountains, glaciers, lakes etc. will leave you spellbound with excitement. 

  1. Dzukou Valley Trek, Nagaland

If you dream of standing at a place where as far as you can see, all you find is luscious greenery under a clear blue sky then this is the trek for you. Gear up to be transferred into a paradise, that is the Dzukou Valley. This trek is considered to be the most beautiful trek in Nagaland and for all the right reasons. The blue sky, misty clouds and dark green valley is a scenery we read about in books or watch in movies. Be the star of your own story as you step into this world that feels fictional but is as real as you.

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  1. Monpa Trail, Arunachal Pradesh

A place decorated with love and breathtaking views; every trekker needs to visit Arunachal Pradesh to explore its scenic beauty. As you start your journey on the Monpa trail, side by side to the gushing waters of Kameng River, you would go through various beautiful landscapes and dense forests. Share stories at the campfires and converse with the locals who would tell you ancient tales of their glorious history. Monpa trail has everything you want; every view and every adventure is a part of the Monpa trail and it is a trek you would remember for life.

  1. Druk Path Trek, Bhutan

Want an even better view of the eastern Himalayas? Embark on the Druk path trek that takes through an awesome historic path. The short trek takes you to the Bhutanese countryside and offers remarkable views of the Himalayan ranges. It is one of the most popular treks in the country as it takes you through jaw dropping landscapes, wonderful pine forests and fresh lakes. From this trek, you can also view Mt. Gangkar Puensum, the highest unscaled peak in the world.

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