5 Essentials of Buying Corporate Gifts


When sending a corporate gift to your client, check the corporate policies, the client’s needs, the company’s budget, cultural differences, and some other essentials.


Corporate gifts include gifts to employees, managers, and customers for appreciation. A wrong gift could end up in the bottom drawer. The worst scenario is making the recipient upset with the wrong gift. This is exactly why one must put a lot of thought into buying a corporate gift. 

Need help? Consider these tips to pick an ideal corporate gift and get everything right:

1: Check the Corporate Policies

Some organizations or government offices have corporate policies when it comes to dollar value spent on a gift. Some even prohibit sending gifts. Check the policies before sending the gift so that they don’t have to return the item.

2: Determine What They Want

Checked the policies and you are ready to send a gift to a client? Great! Now you need to determine what to give. You don’t want your client to unwarp the gift and be unimpressed. 

It is difficult to know what a client wants at a personal level. The best approach is to have a conversation with them and try to find their likes or hobbies. If they are a wine lover, get them the best wine out there. On the other hand, if they are a huge fan of sports, sending them a voucher to one of the Spectrum offers for a sports bundle would be a great idea.

3: Stick to a Budget

It makes sense to buy expensive gifts for senior corporate executives or important clients. In any case, stick to a budget.  To avoid conflict of interest, learn about the limit on the dollar value of the gift to save yourself from embarrassment. 

4: Consider the Cultural Differences 

Do your research to figure out what type of gifts are considered taboo in various cultures. It is a sensitive matter and can ruin business or personal relationships.

If the recipient of the gift is a Muslim, don’t buy alcohol or pork as a gift. Similarly, if the recipient is Chinese, don’t send them white flowers as they are used for paying respect to the dead. Don’t send gifts that showcase your political or personal views on controversial topics.

5: Don’t Slip in Promotional Materials

The last thing a client or associate wants to see when opening a gift is a pamphlet advertising your company’s products. This gift is a gesture of goodwill or appreciation. It shouldn’t be about your company. 

A simple sticker with your company’s name on it is acceptable. Nothing more needs to be there.

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6: Spend Time and Money on Packaging

Packaging is just as important as the gift itself. The time and money spent on wrapping the gift reflect how much you value your client and the relationship. 

If you are not good at gift wrapping, ask the retailer at the shop to offer gift wrapping services. They usually know how it’s done.

7: Include Personal Note Cards

If you are delivering the gift via a mailing service, always include a handwritten note. In case a handwritten note is not possible, include a personal note to show thought and consideration. Most gift companies take care of the note cards on behalf of the client. 

8: Deliver It Personally 

Consider delivering the gift to the recipient personally, especially if it’s not too large. This gesture will keep you at the top of the mind of your client.

Plus, not every company delivers gifts personally. It is usually done via a mailing service. So this is your chance to impress them.

9: Pick the Right Moment

A gift is most effective when the client is least expecting it. Most companies start sending gifts at Christmas. While it’s a good time to send gifts, this activity shouldn’t always be left for the year-end. 

Why not stand out from the crowd and send gifts on New Year or Valentine’s Day. You may also send gifts at special events or when the customer reaches a milestone.

You may also send a gift to new clients. This demonstrates that you wish to build a lasting relationship.  Assume your customer has referred a new client to you. Send them an unexpected referral gift. This is a perfect way to show appreciation and gratitude.

Corporate gifts are an opportunity to connect with your customer. Make sure you nail everything by following these essentials. 

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