5 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats for the Healthcare Industry


A cybersecurity threat is one where a malicious attack is launched on an organization or an individual by gaining access to a network either to steal confidential information or corrupt data. Every company can face a cyber-attack and the data breaching that is a result. Some cyber-attacks are very lethal in that they destroy computer systems. In this article, we are going to have an in-depth discussion regarding cybersecurity in healthcare.

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Why Healthcare Systems Are Vulnerable to Cyber Threats?

The healthcare industry has been affected by cybersecurity threats for a very long time. The threats range from insider threats to DDoS attacks. The healthcare industry is uniquely attacked compared to other industries due to its design.

While there are many reasons why these malicious intentions are directed to the industry, very few rational explanations are given. Some of the reasons that make the healthcare industry vulnerable and unable to protect data are insider threats, budget constraints, and poor leadership. According to Remote Control, over 156 million people have been affected by healthcare breaches.

Here are the biggest reasons why healthcare is prone to cybersecurity threats.

  • Ransomware in Healthcare

Ransomware attacks often appear as cyberattacks. A hospital can receive a link, and if they follow the link, the hospital’s browser automatically connects to a malicious server. The desktop then starts reflecting spam ads on every corner of the screen. The malicious server is now in control and encrypts the hospital’s files and illustrates warning messages. Some of the ransoms asked have been a lot and sometimes the hackers want to be paid through cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum.

  • Data Breaches in Healthcare

Many data breaches occur in the healthcare industry. Data breaches can cause different problems. The most significant threat posed by data breaches is the stealing of essential credentials and data through malware. The cause of this may be technical errors, malicious insiders, and application vulnerabilities. You should update your security systems often to avoid such breaches.

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  • Insider Threats in Healthcare

Most of these attacks do not appear in the headlines. Employees can legally access the company’s network resources, which gives them the power to go past cybersecurity. The employees understand how the security protocol and systems work. This can make a rogue employee share access codes with a hacker or sell the data directly themselves. Sometimes employees and staff lose PHI access devices.

  • DDoS Attacks.

DDoS represents distributed denial of service. These attacks overwhelm online services and websites by sending them unnecessary traffic. It also sends unlimited texts to users in real-time. If it hits a hospital, doctors cannot access critical network resources like patient records and emails. Improve the passwords and health of your cybersecurity to avoid DDoS attacks.

  • Business Email Compromise in the Healthcare Sector.

According to the FBI, BEC attacks are the most efficient and prejudicial crimes of late. These are very famous attacks. The attacker uses tricks on employees to exchange money using fraudulent and fake bank accounts. The attacks are targeted to the minds of the employees. They are also common on banks that transact a lot through wire transfer.