5 Best Explainer Videos for Banking and Finance  

According to the old adage, you should “make your money work for you in addition to working for your money.” This is a solid philosophy for financial and banking solutions. But as an institution in the finance and bank world, how can you ensure potential customers know exactly how your financial services or solutions will help them grow their wealth? 

One of the best strategies you can take for your company and your clients is explaining the details of how your services or solutions work, which will in turn raise your brand awareness above the competition.  In this case, a finance explainer video from experts is a great tool to tell your story and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. 

Finance explainer video experts have captured millions of viewers around the world, often detailing complicated ideas in easy-to-understand terms, which really has made an impact in their partners’ target audiences. 

Here are just a few examples of how explainer videos have been used by banks and finance companies to show and tell what their services can do for their clients

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Identifying Opportunities for Homeowners

Turning a home, you’re moving out of into an income property can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. As seen finance explainer video, “frictionless ownership” from Knox Financial simplifies the entire process.

Keeping it Local

Explainer videos showing how depositing money locally can help provide a good economic future for the entire community, nurturing growth, and prosperity for everyone involved. Not only that gives an investor an opportunity to access local financial services, it also empowers the local community to be able to support the local residents. 

Delivering a Better Borrowing Experience

Managing the construction draw process is demanding to say the least, but this construction finance platform from Rabbet not only manages all construction data in one place, it also manages the construction draw process by connecting all construction finance information.

Offering a Balanced Approach

As this finance explainer video from INclusive Advisor explains, there is a way to bridge the gap between institutional investors and automated algorithms. The middle ground is met with their sophisticated approach, combining the best of both worlds to achieve the perfect balance. 

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Empowering FinTech Institution

Euronet’s REN Foundation offers banks the software needed to modernize their legacy systems and deliver in-demand solutions for their customers, allowing them to quickly go to market on new business opportunities. 

Further Benefits

To captivate the minds and hearts of prospects, financial services organizations need creative visual content. Because, spoiler alert? 

Today over 80% of consumer online traffic is video traffic. That means if you aren’t ‘wooing’ your users with an irresistible animated video – your competition is. A high-quality explainer video will help your brand stand out from the so-and-so’s!

Your product is amazing, right? You create and add value to the lives of those that use it. It would be great if you could help even more customers get to know you, but that’s easier said than done in the current market. If new prospects come across your product or app online but it doesn’t capture their attention, they’ll move on to the next thing. 

That usually means your competitors. In order to increase your product or app’s user base you need to explain how it works, keep their interest, and develop trust. How can you do something like that when you have less than 90 seconds? 

You could have someone on your team write an amazing page to describe features, talk about your company, and more. Even if it’s perfect, you’re going to miss out on a large number of customers that just don’t get it. 

Many looks at a product for a few moments before making a decision, and most won’t finish reading the page. So, how can you stand out and convert those would-be browsers? Displaying your value through a product video is the answer. An animated explainer video solves all these problems at once. Eye-popping visuals grab your customer’s attention and keep it. Plus, this easy-to-understand format helps more viewer’s click that buy button.

You can make a lasting impression with new customers by appealing to multiple senses at once, all in less than two minutes.